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The Hogville Amateur Radio Club (H.A.R.C.) is a group established to provide public service for the people of NW Arkansas communities when requested.

HARC provides a forum for amateur radio operators in NW Arkansas to share ideas and information about the importance of readiness and preparation in the face of natural and man-caused disasters, particularly in the various methods and uses of their amateur radio equipment to aid themselves and their neighbors.

HARC is able to supply manpower and equipment for supplemental radio communication during public events such as charitable events such as running or bicycle races and charitable Motorcycle runs requiring radio communication between check points.

HARC conducts classes, several times each year, to help prepare operators for the tests required to obtain various licenses required for ham radio operation. Testing sessions are also provided by some of the members of HARC who are qualified V.E. Examiners

HARC presents Spring and Fall get-togethers to do “hamming in the park” demonstrations for anyone interested in the ham radio hobby.
H.A.R.C. ByLaws
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